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Residential real estate listing fees are typically paid by the seller with the total fee being split between the seller's broker and the buyer's broker. For example, a 6% listing fee could mean that 3% of the sold price is paid by the seller (through escrow) to the seller's broker and 3% to the buyer's broker as commissions. In this case, we are reducing our portion of the total fee to 0%. The commission paid to the buyer's broker would remain, but it is always negotiable. Anywhere from 2% to 4% could be appropriate and extremely effective. Therefore, not only can we save you money by completely waiving our commission, but we can leverage part of the savings and motivate other agents to sell our listings over any others, even their own. By not paying us a listing broker commission, you could also save as much as 2 to 4%. (Keep in mind, 4% is $40,000 per million dollars; e.g. if your home were to sell for $5,000,000, selling it with us could save you as much as $200,000 in commission-based fees.)  We like to call this type of savings a "no-brainer," especially when you still get a full-service, experienced, luxury team with a talented senior agent who can deliver a better product than the competition. To top it off, we will donate $500 of any purchase transaction commissions we receive to charity. 


DISCLAIMER: All the numbers provided above are assumptive and used only as examples to describe the theoretical savings within our listing model. Upon request, our senior agent can provide prospective sellers with estimates based on individual scenarios.

Zero percent commission means we are 100% committed to doing the only thing that elevates our brand by selling your home for free – and that is to blow you away with the results. We wouldn’t do it for free for any other reason! Without a commission, we depend entirely on your resounding 5-star testimonial and enthusiastic referrals to gain value for our business. We don’t believe we are entitled to your listing. The boldest pledge we can make is to promise that no one will work harder to deliver record-breaking results. Let me assure you; this is not a gimmick but rather a carefully designed strategy to plant us firmly in front of the competition as we launch our brand and expand our reputation. We are devoted to removing barriers and establishing a decisive, competitive edge. Our objective is to build up new inventory, curate beautiful and compelling marketing, substantially increase and leverage our clients’ proceeds, invigorate the luxury market, scare the pants off our competition, and put you first. We want beautiful homes to stage, photograph, and produce other high-end marketing materials like property videos, virtual tours, print media, and more. Listing with the Pollaro Group before this extraordinary promo expires can save you a substantial amount of money, while at the same time giving us the opportunity to demonstrate how we attain ad-worthy results. To the select few who find immediate value in the timing of this offer, we can confidently say it is hands-down the best deal ever made available to sellers in the luxury home market.

If you received a letter from us, there is a reason. We have not mass mailed these offers (and never will). In fact, we consider them confidential, as they are precisely targeted and designed strictly to assist us in acquiring select "trophy" properties we would gladly give up our fee for the opportunity to list and sell. We are NOT a discount brokerage. We are offering strategic, limited-time discounts to give ourselves an advantage in this market as we grow our brand and expand our reputation. Most likely your neighbor did not receive a letter from us. Therefore, while certain aspects of our promotions may eventually expire, we will never lose the opportunity to list your home over fees. And because we do not advertise our discounts, your neighbors will never know you got a deal.

Yes! For properties that close at or above $2,000,000, we can offer a commission refund. How much depends on how much commission the seller pays us. On the purchase-side, our minimum fee is 2%. That means, if the commission paid is 2%, there would be no refund. However, if the commission paid is 2.5%, you could be eligible to receive up to a 0.5% refund. The maximum refund, regardless of percentage, is $20,000; e.g. a $4,000,000 property that pays 3% commission would have a maximum refund of $20,000. Terms & Conditions apply. 


DISCLAIMER: Mortgage lending guidelines can put further limitations on the total refund/credit/rebate a buyer is allowed to receive from an agent, seller, or the lender itself. We can only refund a portion of our commission when it is legal, ethical, meets all guidelines, and is allowed by all parties.

There is absolutely no catch. Our promotions are limited and precise. We design them not only to put ourselves in front of our competition but also to do it in a way that is, first and foremost, entirely advantageous to our clients. All we want is the credit.


Terms & Conditions apply.

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